MAP_Monument Park

Monument Park, (2014) 

Monument Park is an artist led collaborative public project that integrates sculptural, architectural and landscape elements into a cohesive interactive social space.

Docklands is in need of community infrastructure to enliven its public spaces, reinvigorate its retail edge, reinforce its connection back to the CBD and build proper communities. This public park will offer new ways for this to be achieved by providing a place that is symbolically rich, playful and functional. It can be used by a broad range of both the permanent and temporary community in the Docklands and suggests a new civic focus for the development of public art projects

Situated in the Docklands precinct in Melbourne, it is a 2000m2 area of urban space that is simultaneously a sculpture garden and a public park where the sculptures also act as types of interactive architecture providing shelter and spaces to play in. Monument Park uses 3D scanning and CNC techniques to produce large-scale sculptural forms that blend with the landscape. It contributes to knowledge about new forms of digital and experimental arts by synthesizing expanded studio research with pioneering advances in digital computing, engineering, and landscape architecture. The project has transformed production methods for GRC environments based in the small community of Rosedale. GRC environments invested in a 6 axis CNC router to realise the project, one of only 5 machines of this type in the country.

Artist: Callum Morton,

Team:  MAP, Mcbride Charles Ryan, Oculus, Charlotte Day, Candlestick

Fabrication: GRC Environments & c5 Systems

© Monash Art Projects