Victorian Architecture Awards, 2013

The annual Exhibition of Entries is held to celebrate the projects entered each year into the Australian Institute of Architects’ Victorian Architecture Awards.

The 2013 Victorian Exhibition of Entries integrates two components; the entrant’s submitted material (in this instance the physical hanging of A2 display boards in category groups) along with a corollary exhibition produced by MADA students. The MADA contribution was two-fold: the re-presentation of additional digital material/s requested of the entrants – in this instance the submission of a 60 second film, and the compilation of entrant’s submitted material into this exhibition catalogue. The films have been re-presented via an interdisciplinary workshop run by MADA under the direction of Callum Morton and the printed materials are the product of a Design Communication studio led by Warren Taylor.

The brief from the Institute to MADA was simple: to design an exhibition which expands the ambition of the annual awards exhibition from a simple predictable arrangement of the traditional A2 display board submissions.

Students participating in the project included Jessica Argall, Yu-Ting Chen, Natasha Cuddihy, Hayden Daniel, Sophie Ereglidis, Lauren Giusti, Paul Hanslow, Simone Hill, Sarah Hogan, Domenico Mazza, Dylan McDonough, Glonaida Quiapon, Sonja Petrovic, Peter Pham, Tegan Ruta, Rachel Schenberg, James Taylor, Nell Willshire and Vivian Wong.